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Artist Statement

My work explores the effects that the current political climate of the United States has on our physical bodies and identity. I investigate systems of value that are embedded into this country’s visual language. Often morphing into ruins and relics of an old world while simultaneously being grafted onto contemporary culture. 


Questioning is at the forefront of my artistic practice and fuels my material choice, processes and visual content. My work is rooted in sculpture, ceramics and an interdisciplinary approach to making. Blue jeans have been an important material in my recent work. A symbol of American fashion, working class and community, I deconstruct them by bleaching, dyeing and blending. I then reconstruct the material into symbols that investigate power, fragility and resistance. 


Some of my creations are for the purpose of protest, but I ultimately want the viewer to recognize rather than discover. Through recognition we enrich the present, helping us move forward into the future.

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