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Artist Statement

I am interested in rebirth from the decay of a previous time, both physical and ancestral. Using memories related to place, I create sculptural objects, which then inform my next move in the installation process.  

Like the tides in an ocean, I ebb and flow from 3D to 2D work. This process of movement, and dance helps me create an entire emotion and story to the installation. By using imagery of common objects, I investigate the interconnection to memory and one’s sense of place.

When I am creating ceramic pieces, I am methodical in my planning.  I make lists of objects, from which I circle words that connect to each other to bring up past memories. Then when I am in the installation space with these pieces, I let my imagination and body move.  I allow these icons of my past to inform me on how they want to exist in the present. The space turns into a blank canvas of reaction and experiment to ultimately create a narrative. 


I am currently at a pivotal point in my work where I don’t feel the need to always look backwards. Instead, fuel material choice and visual content on asking questions about self identity in relation to place, senses and current cultural influences.

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